How Technology is Changing The Ecommerce Industry

How Technology is Changing The Ecommerce Industry

Over the course of the last decade, eCommerce platforms have slowly crept into our daily lives and changed it for the better. The eCommerce world is not just stronger than ever; it’s faster than ever.

Technological advancements and the widespread prevalence of internet connection has made the eCommerce industry one of the biggest market areas. It also enables enhanced search, customization, and personalization, which are fast becoming “must-have” capabilities for e-commerce success.

As technology becomes more advanced and sophisticated over time, its role reaches critical levels of importance in the e-commerce value chain.

Both consumers and businesses have experienced a mutual benefit out of technological advancements. Where consumers instead of contemplating whether an online order was worth the risk, now technology has empowered them with 100% confidence.

Today Technology is helping customers to keep a track of their purchases and modify the manners by which those purchasers communicate with online retailers.

On the other hand, retailers are seeing advantages too, as technology assists them to make more grounded associations with purchasers and build their brands quicker. Connecting with prospects is a seamless process now that goes beyond the boundaries of a brick-and-mortar business. Brands no longer have to wait for consumers to walk into their shop or spot an ad that prompts them to engage with the business.

The foremost benefit of technological advancement in the e-commerce industry is retailers can always be in the minds of their customers, even when they are not shopping. The constant presence of a brand’s app on customer’s smartphones reminds them that the brand is out there, with thousands of products to choose from with the convenience of just a click.

Moreover for any brand to build their name or increase their sales and establish them on the online platform, they have to have great product images listed on their website to create an everlasting impression on customers and enable them to make a purchase decision.

In that very sense, Photoshop has changed the history of digital photographs. More than manipulation of images, Photoshop has become an essential or basic step in the e-commerce industry to ensure that product images essentially comply with marketplace guidelines and rest to showcase even the minutest of details of the product with utmost perfection and accuracy.

In addition to improving the business-to-consumer relationships, technology has revolutionized the e-commerce industry.

Let’s take a look at some of these changes below !

Impact of Technological Advancements on the e-commerce industry as a whole

As technology becomes more advanced and sophisticated over time, its role reaches critical levels of importance in the e-commerce value chain.

Here are ways technology is revolutionizing the e-commerce industry:

1. Boom of Mobile Commerce

Boom of Mobile Commerce

Cell phones have changed the way we live fundamentally, contributing to every aspect of our daily existence, turning into a vital instrument for everyday life.

According to research, 90% of people keep their cell phones within reach at all times. And with the rolling of high-speed internet services, users in the world experience better quality services.

With the 24/7 presence of mobile apps on the users’ phones, they have an opportunity to make a purchase at any point in time, unlike brick and mortar businesses.

Mobile’s ease of access and its handiness makes it an easy technological choice for consumers to make and allow businesses to market directly to customers via push notifications without having to advertise in print media or send out lengthy newsletters.

2. Digital Wallets

Digital Wallets

One of the biggest factors that limited the potential growth of the e-commerce industry was trust. But today, faster, secure, and efficient payment options have played a big role in driving up the major growth of the e-commerce market in recent years.

The impact of digitization has brought forward seamless and advanced payment services. Among which the introduction of digital wallets and other options like Google pay, card payments have boosted the trust and made it convenient for online shoppers to make a purchase without any fear.

3. Cross Border Trade has Gotten Easier

Cross Border Trade has Gotten Easier

The changing innovative scene and web multiplication have made it simpler for purchasers to connect with vendors across the globe. This has empowered organizations that sell merchandise abroad to receive the rewards of the global e-commerce marketplace.

Not at all like ever previously, organizations are currently ready to enter foreign markets and take into account a more extensive crowd base.
Also, the international payment system has become seamless and next level convenient for consumers to make a purchase cross border.

4. Digital Supply Chain

Digital Supply Chain

The importance of supply chain management in e-commerce is monumental. Ensuring on-time delivery is a key differentiating factor for companies in the e-commerce space.

The utilization of cutting edge mechanical technology and the application of advanced analytics of big data in supply chain management: place sensors in all things, make networks all over, mechanize anything, and dissect everything to essentially improve execution and consumer loyalty.

As a dynamic and interconnected web between assembling, delivering, and the customer, it takes into consideration complete transparency and a drawn-out perspective on the entire e-commerce process.

Customers can track their packages and communicate effectively, and the customers have the option to see ahead a couple of steps and identify potential issues before they become a disastrous problem.

5. Artificial Intelligence Drives the E-commerce Industry

Artificial Intelligence drives the Ecommerce Industry

E-commerce retailers are focusing on providing a superior customer experience. A way to achieve this has been to utilize innovation that drives a high degree of personalization, with the end goal that every client is treated as an individual target segment, rather than a part of a generalized mass.

Many AI companies are transforming e-commerce by formulating unique solutions for e-commerce companies. AI brings efficiency for businesses in terms of getting the right pitch, at the right time, to the right customer, on the right platform.

AI-powered personalization solutions by interacting with users through text and voice messages, while also being able to identify and find products based on pictures. Given such extreme advancements in innovation, the limits among brick and motors retailers and e-retailers are expected to blur even more.

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the e-commerce aggregator platforms into their newer, smarter versions, leading to the growth of these platforms in an unprecedented way.

Roll with Ecommerce Image Editing Company (EIE)

With these radical changes over the years, EIE also has fully upgraded itself. We have done our bit in strengthening the e-commerce industry by integrating technology and manpower.

Put simply, for any e-commerce business to grow and expand their customer base needs they need to display high-end images in their product listing on their website. It is commonly known that high-end images increase conversions as they convey exactly what the product is all about and instill faith in customers.

In order to achieve that or simply to optimize images for the mobile apps or creating images in accordance with the marketplace guidelines, our team of experts at EIE has fully upgraded and educated themselves to keep up with the technological advancements to deliver high-end images.

EIE follows the highest industry standards in terms of infrastructure, technology, editing software, licensed machinery, and manpower. E-commerce businesses can focus on their core day-to-day activities and can leave the enhancement process of images on us.


Thus to conclude we can say that technology is revolutionizing the e-commerce industry and changing the big picture. Its impact is literal and significant on the world and has completely changed the business-to-consumer relationship over the years.

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