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Hair Masking

When cutting out silhouettes of images that have uneven outlines seems tricky, hair masking presents the ideal solution. Rough edges and blurry outer lines are worked out meticulously with the highest precision and optimal accuracy. Images of models with rising/flying hair or animals with rising fur and image objects featuring clothing strands, chain link fences, feathers, smoke, flames, lighting, fabrics such as chiffon & muslin, etc can be expertly masked at EIE.



Image Masking In New York ecommerce photo editing new york-eie

Clipping Path using Hair Masking

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Clipping Path using Hair Masking

EIE4RETAILERS - Masking Services Masking service in New York

Clipping Path using Hair Masking

Hair Masking New York Masking- EIE4RETAILERS

Clipping Path using Hair Masking

Clipping Path Services- EIE Masking

Clipping Path using Hair Masking

Hair Masking Services EIE4RETAILERS- Hair Masking Services

Clipping Path using Hair Brush Tool to maintain Soft Edges

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