The Most Underrated But Powerful Ecommerce Product Photography Tips

The Most Underrated But Powerful Ecommerce Product Photography Tips

Great product photography is pivotal for an e-commerce Company’s success. Listing high-quality visual content on your e-commerce store is one of the best ways to increase your conversion rates and bring in more customers. One the one hand, no matter what you are selling high-quality product photographs help customers learn about your products before they make a purchase.

On the other hand, poor quality images can have the opposite effect; customers are less likely to purchase an item that has blurry, unclear, or poorly-lit eCommerce images.

According to research, it’s found that 70% of customers rely on product images while shopping online and 25% of returns happen because a product differs in person from what it did on a website.

So the question is how can you make sure you take great product photographs that can help you earn customers’ confidence and increase your conversion rates?

Below I have listed some of the common mistakes and how you can avoid them while photographing e-commerce products

Lighting Products Poorly

Whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer, it’s easy to make photos look worse with advanced lighting techniques. You need to place the three-point lighting meticulously around the product. Lighting is crucial to obtaining quality, focused, and professional images. While shooting your product some of the things to avoid are :-

1. Don’t Let Shadows Come Creeping In

  • You want to banish shadows from most of your ecommerce product and fashion accessory images, with white-on-white shots being a possible exception. If you are shooting in a studio, you should be lighting the product from all sides with accurate positioning of the key light, fill light and back-light. If you are shooting outdoors using natural lighting (sun), using a reflector to bounce light around all parts of the product is a good idea.
  • You should, at all costs, avoid low-lighting but do not step into over-lighting either. Make sure that you don’t have glare and your images don’t look washed out. No matter what it’s still easier to fix overly lit-images than those that are too dark during photo editing and image retouching in Photoshop.


2. Busy Backgrounds

A sophisticated and pristine background is the key to great product photography.  Keep everything in the image simple and clean so that your product stands out. Adding props in the eCommerce product photos can distract the customer from the product and make the image appear chaotic.

Shooting on plain white backgrounds is an industry-standard way of presenting product images. For product-focused shots you can use a plain white background, a white sheet, white foam board, or purchase an eCommerce product photography backdrop. As long as you are shooting solely on an immaculate white backdrop you are elevating your eCommerce product photos.


3. White Balance

We have observed sometimes the product appears to be in yellowish and reddish tint. It’s due to not selecting the option of White Balance in the camera. Selecting the white balance option in your camera (AWB) will keep the colors in your product photos accurate. Balancing the tint produces accurate colors of the product image.

Proper white balance is determined by the type of light source. Natural sunlight and standard light bulbs have “warmer” color temperatures, while fluorescent and LED light bulbs are “cooler.” In Auto White Balance mode, your camera can automatically detect the type of light source you’re using and can help eliminate any differences you may see on the screen and with your ecommerce products and stills imagery.


4. Large Number and Innovative Images Work

Unlike a physical retail store, buyers can’t pick up what you are selling and examine it. So providing multiple ecommerce product images and fashion accessory photos on your web product listing help build customers’ trust. You want to be able to gather as much information about your products to be able to make an informed purchase.

  • Capture the product photos from as many angles as possible or even use 360° photography to cater to an innovative shopping experience for your customers.
  • High-resolution and high-end images create opportunities for website traffic. You don’t want your customers to lose trust and go somewhere else to purchase if they are unable to see the details. Do not leave any room for questions about your product.


In conclusion the number of images, the variety of angles, and high-quality product images that you show your customers will significantly affect your sales. Well-shot detailed product photographs and high-end Photoshop editing on them can help the customers see fabrics, patterns, designs, and other important product details that persuade and influence your customers’ decision to purchase.

If you follow these simple steps and avoid these mistakes, the quality and value of your eCommerce product photos will help enhance your customer’s overall experience.

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