6 Signs You Need An Ecommerce Image Editing Service

6 Signs You Need An Ecommerce Image Editing Service

Ecommerce retailers must provide a positive consumer experience in approximately 15 seconds or less, otherwise your visitors bounce. It is human instinct to incline toward visuals first. If we like what we see, we continue browsing. Images listed on your ecommerce store should influence prospects’ emotions. And not just any image, high- quality product images are very important to enrich your visual content. The images should represent your brand.

Did you know almost half of the online consumers rate high-quality product images as the key influential factor when making their purchase decision and over 50% want to see a minimum of 3-5 product images- front, back, and side views.

No matter how exceptional the quality of your products is, in most cases consumers will not purchase them if the product images are of poor quality.

Construction of e-commerce product images is a three-part process:- pre-production, production, and post-production. So basically your pre-production is planning things, production is photoshoot or executing things in action and post-production is image editing or retouching.

Finished clicking photos of your products? Are you not satisfied with the quality of images obtained?

At this point, you should think about availing e-commerce image editing services to procure high-end product images, fully optimized according to your e-commerce store.

Are you still wondering whether your images need to go through the post-production step?

Don’t worry, below I’ll talk about 6 flawed signs that you observe in your images and that would convince you enough to reach the conclusion that you need to outsource your images to an e-commerce image editing service provider.

1. Busy Backgrounds

Not every image is set up in a perfect position or lighting, some pictures are clicked on a crowded unwanted background, which makes the picture look odd and low quality.

This is the point where your images would require e-commerce background removal services. It isolates the product and removes any distractions from the frame.

Background Removal service gives you the creative liberty to shoot freely without worrying about props or reflections in the frame. It helps you curtail a lot of your production time.



As you can see from the image above, the photographer clicked the bag’s photo from the top angle to show the inside details of the product. The bag is surrounded by black chart paper to block the cameras’ and lights’ reflection. This is where one turns to an image background removal service provider.



As you can see, unwanted elements are removed from the frame to obtain an immaculate background and bring back the spotlight solely on the bag. To accelerate your workflow and enhance the product image quality, you need background removal services to save your precious time.

2. Reflections

Photographers tend to face challenges while photographing highly-reflective products. The products cast unwanted shadows which look really unprofessional and unappealing.

While some of the shadows are unwanted, on the other hand, some of the products require that extra natural shadowing to enhance and uplift their visual appeal.

To play around with shadows you need a professional E-commerce image editing service provider to execute the job perfectly.


product reflection removal - before

As you can see from the image above, reflection of the ring is equally distracting as the cluttered background. The last thing you’d want your customers to think is that those reflections are product flaws. This is where one needs to avail E-commerce image editing services to remove unwanted and distracting reflections.


product reflection removal - after

Here the reflective shadow has been removed, the details have been sharpened and the background has been changed to white. You need a technology-based system to make these changes and to obtain absolutely flawless imagery.

3. Blurry Images

Most people may not realize that their images are blurred until they transfer them to a computer. When they review the images in their camera’s LCD, everything seems fine.

The blurry images are due to certain technical errors and shooting situations. This problem can be easily fixed in the post-production step, without the photographer having to waste time shooting the same products again.


product color enhancement and correction - before

As you can see from the image above, the photographer captured a blurry image of the watch which can not be displayed on any e-commerce website until and unless it is edited and refined. This is where one turns to an E-commerce Image Editing Service provider.


product color enhancement and correction - after

The editor has completely refined the image creating absolute perfection, The editor replaced the background, enhanced the color of the watch, and eliminated the unwanted propping in the frame. Everything done together has produced a noticeable distinction between the images.

4. Product Restructuring

Curtail time and physical labor, as your post-production service provider can brilliantly restructure all the elements in the frame according to your requirements. Any addition or subtraction in the product can be easily executed by professional editors just like that.



As you can see from the image above, the photographer captured the image of the product in a studio, where a lot of physical labor was involved. The client wanted to showcase the same sofa as a double seater. This is where one turns to an e-commerce image editing service provider to curtail time and physical labor by availing product restructuring services.


Product-Restructuring-services - after

The three-seater sofa is restructured to a two-seater sofa according to the client’s need and could be restructured further too according to the client’s prerequisite.

5. Over or Under Exposed Images

Under or overexposed product images can sabotage your sales and are unfit for your e-commerce website product listing. Ensure that the product is properly exposed with accurate lighting. But in case you realize later that your images are under or overexposed, they can be easily corrected in the post-production step.


Over or Under Exposed Images - Before

As you can see from the image above, the photographer captured a beautiful visual that shows the placement of a ring in front of a shimmery background. Yet despite their best efforts, the image looks overexposed. This is when one turns to an E-commerce Photo Editing Service provider.


Over or Under Exposed Images - After

The image has been fixed using various tools in Photoshop by adjusting the exposure, highlights, and whites of the image to compensate for any loss of contrast.

6. Product Imperfections- Healing Tool

While a photographer may do their best to ensure they don’t encounter any of the aforementioned issues. It is nearly impossible to “fix” some of these problems without the help of an E-commerce Image Editing Service provider.

Especially while photographing jewelry items some flaws are invisible to the naked eye and are impossible to fix physically.



As you can see from the image above there is dust near the diamond stone and the color of the ring is dull too. The photographer tried fixing it physically but was unsuccessful in executing it. This is where one needs to avail product retouching service provider to procure spick and span product images.



The imperfections in the ring have been fixed using the Healing Tool which is used to fix surrounding imperfections and/or dust in a product. This has clearly done wonders and has created a noticeable distinction between the images, giving the retouched product image a seamless look.


Customers assess the value and features of different products through images. In order to convey your visual message seamlessly to them , one needs to ensure the images are edited well, in a manner that is alluring.

In order to achieve this and provide high-end images to consumers, companies are investing in e-commerce image editing service providers to integrate a sophisticated look into their photos.

Do what you do Best and Outsource the Rest. – Peter Drucker

If you are looking for or thinking about outsourcing your product images to professionals, we at EIE are your one-stop solution.

We have the experience, flair, artistic creativity, reliability, Photoshop technical know-how, dedication, and vision to offer the best photo retouching services using advanced Photoshop editing techniques to online e-commerce retailers, fashion photo studios, and photographers.

With 15 years worth of experience in delivering millions of images, we bring the best of post-production services and tools to deliver to you, a fully integrated experience that elevates your imagery and increases conversions.

The image of your company gets a unique outlook when you use well-edited images on your ecommerce store. Customers tend to remember a particular website when their images create an impact on their minds. To create that ever-lasting impression and impact, work with global leader i.e. EIE !

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