Inspirational Graphics for Ecommerce Photographers That are Timeless

Inspirational Graphics for Ecommerce Photographers That are Timeless

Smoke Bombs

Point: Smoke Bombs are used to add colours and create subtle textures either around the subject, or in the background. They assist in accenting the underlying mood of a photograph.

How it Works: They are generally shot with an exceptionally swift shutter speed, since that freezes the motion in the smoke and gets clear and sharp clouds that are perfectly puffed.

Tip: Try matching the colour of the smoke with elements in the scene for a powerful effect, you can try the opposite as well and use contrasting colours for photographs with black & white elements to make them stand out.


Vertical Images

Point: Vertical images are used to focus the attention of the viewer on a single subject by removing almost all sense of peripheral vision.

How it Works: Shifting the camera from eye to floor level will put an emphasis on the subject, in conjunction with the rule of thirds to give a sense of motion to the subject.

Tip: Vertical images compliment the subject when they are taller as compared to being wide.

Vertical Images - 2


Point: A captivating arrangement of the subject makes the image easy to read when your eyes fall over it.

How it Works: To create a balance without perfect symmetry, use the rule of thirds technique as it helps bring the eye from left to right, or top to bottom, creating breathing room for the subject without losing its prominence.

Tip: To effortlessly evaluate the overall balance of the composition, view the image in thumbnail size.

Minimalism - 2

Raw Beauty Shots

Point: Better detail and dynamic range and more creative control hence, flexibility for post-production.

How it Works: To get the right brightness you want, apply Aperture Priority or Shutter Speed Priority shooting modes meticulously along with exposure compensation.

Tip: Use three point of lighting, select proper ISO in accordance with accurate aperture number to ensure you procure the right image in your camera’s sensor.

Raw Beauty Shots
Raw Beauty Shots - 2

Dark and Moody Photography

Point: This aids in making the subject, the hero in the frame by keeping the background in shadow.

How it Works: Place the subject at the 10 o’clock position and use side and backlighting with either a wide or normal focal length.

Tip: To achieve dark and moody shots and draw attention to the subject, try shooting at f/4-5.6 or narrower.

Dark and Moody Photography - 2

360 Photography

Point: This aids in enhancing customer engagement by providing an “as seen on tv” effect to increase purchasing confidence.

How it works: You can either click multiple shots (60-72) of your subject and stitch the 2D images; or for a perceivably smaller object, place it on a turntable and your camera (use a high-end camera which will internally stitch your image) on a tripod.

Tip: To avoid blowouts and glares in the images, adjust your lights so the subject is adequately lit all around without the light being  too concentrated in any specific areas.

360 Degree Product Photography

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